Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I toil not...

But I do spin!

This is BFL roving from Knitterly Things--colorway "Freshness."

It's my first time spinning so it's a wee bit uneven--but not too bad!  Totally knitable.  I haven't figured out the wpi yet, but I'm guessing it's a light worsted.  Single ply, obviously, since my hand spindle and I don't get along quite well enough for plying.

Actually we don't get along very well at all.  I'm a fine, even drafter (well, for a beginner, anyway), and the spindle spins quite well, but I don't have the knack of draft-hurry up go spin-come back and draft-go back and spin...all that rushing about made for some pretty uneven yarn, so instead I would draft a bit, spin it up, draft some more, etc.  Is that cheating?  It's probably slower, but it worked better for me.

So when my spindle wanted to spin no more, I wound it up onto my swift (any reason in particular I need to use a chair or get a niddy-noddy?  This seemed work work wonderfully).  Then I soaked it and dried it and voila!

 My very first handspun.  There's more to come--I'm hoping enough for some kind of shawl or something.  Maybe TGV or a modified Honey Cowl or Casu Cowl.  This is actually something I struggle a bit with--I feel like handspun yarn needs a pattern with a lot of texture--or am I wrong?  I don't knit with it much, though obviously I will now.  Any thoughts, suggestions?

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Tina Smith said...

Awesome looking yarn!! Great idea using a yarn swift to wind on. You could use a niddy noddy, but then your arm gets really sore.
Depending on how much twist is in your yarn, your finished item may have a bit of bias to it.
Also, I feel that handspun yarn is a pattern all of itself and really shows all your beautiful work in a stockinette or garter pattern.
Let all your fuzzy bits and unevenness show itself off.
And before you start worrying too much about it being uneven, just know this, I couldn't do that if I tried. Long time spinners work really hard to get past that stage, then find them selves missing the beauty of slubby yarn, but by that time, they are no longer able to produce slubby yarn.
Revel in the newness and enjoy spinning. I find it really relaxing.
Your green yarn is really gorgeous.