Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Willow's Book

Speaking of projects that take forever and fill up many a rainy day, we made a book. 

Part one: instruct Willow to wander around the house and find an object that starts with the letter A (and then B, C, and so forth).  This required her to be imaginative...or not.  Like many others before, A is for Apple in Willow's book.

Part two: take many, many photos of said object, in as many creative ways as possible, with Willow as photo stylist.  This has mixed results.

Part three: this is optional.  Instagram said photos.  Willow loves choosing a filter--and added bonus, it will fill up your friends' inboxes and annoy them terribly.

Part four: print pictures.  Make sure you have plenty of paper and ink in your printer first.

Part five: help Willow sound out and then write the names of each object.  I thought this was going to be torturous, but she was actually really into it.

Part six: assemble book.  Listen as Willow reads book.  Feel like wonderful parent.

Willow's Book:


 Bear Backpack








Junie B. Jones






 Pinkie Pie










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