Monday, April 7, 2014

Sadly Remiss

We got back almost a week ago, but I have been busy with, you know, not being in Hawaii.  But here, at last, are the photos:

 Nene Crossing

 Seaweedy Pahoehoe

 Dreaming of Ohelo Berries

 This exact photo has been taken a hundred times, including by me when I was fifteen

 Excessively Cute

 Lehua Blossom


That there is lava, yo

 That there is a volcanologist.  The tall one is too.

 That is snow.  In Hawaii.

 That is a loving Auntie.

And an uncle.

And another auntie.

Really unfair amount of cuteness....

....tends to get you a ride.


 And catch!

 I swam under water for the very first time!

 At last: the beach shots!

 An outie.

An innie.

A nap at the beach.

 Now that's what water looks like.

 And that's what happiness looks like.

 This, however, is what apprehension before "surfing" looks like.

 But happiness again!

The end.


Dave said...

Not apprehension! I was just looking for waves, of which there were very few.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice! r/Luis

Anonymous said...

Oh I miss you guys so much. Being a grandparent is the best thing ever.