Thursday, October 17, 2013

School Hard

According to Willow's teachers, separation anxiety can have a late on-set sometimes, when the child in question realizes that this is, you know, for real, and not ending anytime soon.

Apparently I have one of those children.  The drop-off has been getting increasingly difficult every day, with more clinging and more quickly swiped tears, and on Tuesday she even spent much of the afternoon crying because she wanted to go home.

And then this morning it peaked.  Dear God, I hope this was the peak.  Sobbing at home, sobbing in the car, pleading with us to turn around, sobbing at school.  "I don't want to be here, I don't belong here, I want to be with you, I miss you, I can't be away from you, please let me go home."  I called about an hour after we left, and she's fine--playing and participating and everything.  Which is a relief. 

I don't know.  I'm exhausted.  I cried, too, in the car where she couldn't see me. 


HoleyFiber said...

Is it at all possible for Daddy to do the drop-offs? Sometimes everything goes much smoother when mom is not around...

Auntie Dawn said...

Don't forget, a sister of yours did something similar to this when she went to kindergarten (and she had already been to preschool, go figure). Said child could be heard screaming out of school boundaries... and she ended up just fine! :)