Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to My Traditional Grey

...And a return to form.  Actually I would have loved to knit Damson in some glowy kettle-dyed sock yarn, but sadly I am trying to de-stash.  This particular skein of yarn has been very resistant to my project--it's Sliver Moon Farms Fingering Superwash, which I bought for a specific project--With The New Cowl Neckline from A Stitch in Time.   
Looking at this finished shawl, you're saying, "Well, of course that didn't work out.  That's all silky and drapey.  What were you thinking?"   But the thing is, I think Sliver Moons must have changed their formula.  My other project with that yarn, Kim Hargreaves' Faith, was extra drapey and silky...or nylony, anyway, which I was fine with.  But this skein doesn't have that same slippery nylony feeling, which is absolutely a good thing, except for With The New Cowl Neckline.  

Sadly, I felt I had to knit the whole damn thing before I was really really sure it wasn't working.  I don't have photos; it looked so awful I just frogged it in disgust. 

So when I got over my anger and started rooting around my stash and my queue again, I had intended to make Damson with another lovely skein of yarn, Sundara Fingering Silky Merino.  But that looked too drapey, and believe me, I've learned my lesson.  (For now, anyway.  I'm sure I'll make the same mistake again.  Why can't a yarn just do what I want it to???)

So I dug out the now-despised Sliver Moons Fingering again, only to have it behave perfectly wonderfully when used with the right pattern. 

It helped, of course, that Damson is both lovely and graceful and totally intuitive--and it's oh, so comfortable.  I always wear my shawls like scarves, but they never stay quite right--Damson curves perfectly.

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Jodi said...

I think it is just lovely! I knit Damson a few years ago and ran out of yarn at the end... So frustrating.