Monday, April 22, 2013


I had a migraine this weekend, and so Dave found himself in the position I find myself almost every day: what does one do with a child for hours and hours on end?

The answer: eggs! 

You have no idea how entertaining eggs can be.

You can read books about Easter Bunnies and their eggs.  You can act out some of the things in this book.  And then, with a flash of inspiration, you can remember that we have plastic eggs somewhere in the basement, and then the eggs will really take over.

We have had, by my count, about thirty-five Easter Egg hunts since those plastic eggs made their appearance the day before yesterday.  Most have taken place in my house, but as my head improved we ventured out to Liberty State Park and had free-range egg hunts (yes, more than one) which did earn us some strange looks, but who cared.  We tricycled around the park with eggs in the back bucket.  When Willow hides the eggs, she hides them all in one place and tells me where they are.  We have sorted the eggs by color, pretended to cook with them, pretended to sit on them.

And then this morning, when the more traditional uses for eggs began to finally lose their savor, we used them as currency.  I suppose it was more of a barter system, but when we played grocery shopping, we used eggs to trade for fruit.  Three pink eggs got you two lemons, and so on.  

I'm tempted to color Easter Eggs this afternoon since we skipped that this year, and this egg thing doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon.  But we already ate eggs for breakfast and even though every year I make deviled eggs (and I do dearly love deviled eggs) that still makes a whole lot of eggs and I'm not sure I feel up to consuming all those eggs, since it's not like anybody else is experiencing the joys of Easter a month late. 

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