Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Labor of Love

This is a project to be made only if you really, really love your child.  If your child ever annoys you, don't undertake this one, because you will forever resent the time you spent on these blocks and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into them.

Just kidding!  But they do take a while.

Part of it is because I just can't help myself--I love that start-the-middle, work-in-the-round-to-make-a-square technique, and I use it all the time, whenever I can.  So instead of just knitting a square in the normal, side-to-side fashion, this one goes round and round.  It does keep things more interesting, but it takes a bit longer (it shouldn't, but it does somehow).  And six sides is a lot of sides.

But none of that would be a real problem if I hadn't decided to MAKE MY OWN FOAM BLOCKS instead of just buying some or making rounded blocks stuffed with stuffing like normal people do.  Oh, no.  I needed to buy foam, shape it into cubes and then sew it together, proving that anything can be DIY!  Even bleeding fingers!

I put together a photo essay, so I can do a tutorial if anybody else wants to try it.  Come on, it'll be fun!  BYO Thimbles!

But I do love these blocks.  Maybe it's the amount of effort, maybe it's the fact that I went to the trouble to make something that can be procured pretty easily--like making your own breadcrumbs or your own cheese.  Yo.  I did this.  I didn't have to, and I totally did.  'Sup.  Just try knockin' me down.

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Auntie Dawn said...

You are surely your Granny's granddaughter!