Thursday, March 14, 2013

Avery Pullover

 I think this one might be my favorite.  It's certainly one I want to make for myself one of these days.  (Like you could see how it could be kinda off-shoulder sexy on a grownup, right?  Whereas here it's just pulling a little because it's a bit small for M--she's wearing a 2T.) 

The 6-stitch cabling at the shoulders, much like the lace pattern on the Maile Sweater, is worked between the raglan increases, and then it branches out into a 12-stitch looping cable at the sides. 

The needles are US 6, the yarn is the beautiful Sweet Georgia Superwash DK, and part of me kind of wishes I never had to knit with anything else.

1 comment:

toni p1 said...

absolutely beautiful. I'd wear that in a minute. :D