Saturday, February 23, 2013

Disappearing Act

Sorry for vanishing, all...we had a scheduled vacation that I was pretending didn't exist.  Why?  Because it involved skiing.  Not me skiing, mind you.  Not even Willow skiing.  But Dave and RockNoodle and Toaster and their cousins and uncle and aunt and grandfather were skiing, and the trip was a prelude to next year's trip, wherein Willow will be skiing.  And therefore so will I.

Not good.  Oh no.

 But honestly, that's next year's problem, and you'll hear about it plenty then, I'm sure, and there was absolutely no earthly reason for me to be worrying about skiing and entire year in advance, just because we were going to be in a snowy location where some skiing might be taking place.  After all, there was plenty for Willow and me to do.

Like admire the dogsledding dogs (from afar.  I'm sure they were very, very nice, but even RockNoodle pointed out that they looked like wolves, and even in such a winter resort-y feeling setting, the whole thing had kind of a wild feeling.

Not so much the horse-drawn sleigh-ride, though those horseys were huge!  And not much of an eerie feeling there, as all eleven of us spent the sleigh-ride tormenting the other passengers with Christmas Carols and hooting owl sounds.  (Willow's cousin is a fellow bird-lover.  They exchanged notes on the precise sound of barred owl calls).
  Daddy tasted snow.  Therefore Willow tasted snow.  Actually I had trouble getting Willow to stop tasting the yellow and brown and salted snow.  Seriously.

We tried to drown Toaster.  That was hilarious.
But mostly we just admired the scenery.  Because.

Maybe I can get into skiing if it's got views like this.


Anonymous said...

For when the time comes, cross country is a little less terrifying than regular skying. (By which I mean, I can / could do it, and I'm an utter wuss when it comes to heights.)

(Also: what good dogs!)

Anonymous said...

And you, in fact, are a great cross-country skier, having tried it and done wonderfully in the geyser basin at Yellowstone!

Anonymous said...

Nikki skiing is fun. Just do it.

Nikki Van De Car said...

Says somebody anonymously....