Thursday, January 31, 2013


I took this sooooooo seriously, and yet filling out a preschool application is an exercise in keeping a straight face.  For instance:

What is presently your child's strongest interest?
Willow loves birds.  And pretending her food is bugs.  And pretending to take off people's heads.

What activities does your child enjoy most?
 I would say that Willow enjoys role play, particularly when it involves pretending to be a bird.  Who is eating bugs.  And, um, she likes music?  And climbing on the furniture?

What types of activities does your child find most challenging?
 She feels a certain frustration with her lack of fine motor control--her drawing isn't what she wants it to be, and she can't dress her dolls.  Her attempts frequently end in the doll getting thrown across the room and a request for help.

What adults influence your child's life?
 Well, uh, there's me.  And my husband is obviously a strong influence...

Is your child fully toilet-trained?

Please describe your child's general health including allergies, etc.
No allergies that we know of yet but I am afraid she will end up being allergic to bees since I am so please don't ever let a bee near her I'm not kidding.

And so forth.  If I claimed she loved to have War & Peace read aloud and that we listen only to classical music and that we take her to art galleries all the time do you think it would have gone better?

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Gina said...

And even better than the applications are the interviews! Trying to answer seemingly off the wall questions on the spot, without the benefit of time to be able to craft thoughtful answers - all while your "student" is likewise being interviewed just out of earshot. It can drive you absolutely up the wall!