Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Alert!  Alert!  Willow is testing!  She's in that stage!  Cue flashing orange lights!'s not such a big deal.  This is one of those things (like potty-training) that any potential parent is well aware of well in advance, but now that it's here I feel totally equipped to handle it (unlike potty-training). After all, it's very predictable.  Willow does something she's not supposed to do--like put her friend Buster's binky in her mouth.  She will immediately walk over to me and show me what she has done.  I will take it out of her mouth, I will give her the gentle scolding she expects, and she will walk away.  If it's something larger, like pushing Buster, she apologizes and goes on immediate time out. 

This phase I get, partly because she's so freaking obvious about it.  Her pushes come while I'm watching, not while my back is turned, and she looks right at me while she does it.  Am I going to say no, and will there be a consequence just like every other time?  Shockingly enough, yes! 

It is exhausting, though.  I mean, how many times does she need me to confirm that there really, really, really isn't any pushing?  How fast did Pavlov's dog learn this stuff?  I will continue to stand firm, because I know that is not only what she needs, but what she wants me to do--but come on, girl, we've got better things to do.  Go climb a jungle gym, go blow a dandelion, go get a hug and a kiss, because surely there are more fun ways to reassure yourself than spending all afternoon getting scolded.

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Renee Anne said...

Little Man will actually do things he's not supposed to be doing (like climbing on tables or spitting milk on the floor) with a sneaky little smile on his face.

It's infuriating and hilarious at the same time. I have to work very hard not to laugh when he does it.