Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I love it when knit bloggers show us around their workspaces--I've seen Ysolda's, and obviously Yarn Harlot's house feels almost like my own sometimes.  And while you all have seen plenty of pictures of my house, I imagine you're distracted by the beauty and awesomeness of the featured child (or, less often, the featured knitwear).  And so I thought I'd follow suit.

But this feels very awkward, not least of all because while once I had a room dedicated entirely to me and my projects, it didn't get used all that much because frankly my knitting is best done in front of a television showing science fiction craziness, not staring at the wall.

 And so that room has been taken over by a toy kitchen and an easel and an art table and is essentially impossible to enter without getting stickers and toy food stuck all over you.  I do use Willow's bucket rocker as a yarn basket, but only when she's asleep or distracted and I'm sorting because otherwise my yarn becomes yet another toy.  She's worse than a kitten that way.

My bulletin board is covered with sketches and notes and things I've torn out of magazines because I'd like to copy them.  And paintings of octopuses (that's the octopus's bleeding head down on the bottom of the photo there). 

And that chicken scratch is actually a pattern that I need to now try and translate and type up into a pattern before I completely forget what it was I was trying to tell myself and end up writing a pattern for something totally different from what I actually made (hasn't happened yet, but I live in fear).

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