Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have come to the conclusion that, with very few exceptions, Willow is a solitary person.  And I probably only didn't notice this earlier because I too am a solitary person, and so the two of us being solitary together didn't register as anything other than togetherness, but it isn't necessarily.  A great deal of our time is spent in parallel play.

And so just imagine how very parallel Willow wishes to be with other children.  Let's be in parallel rooms, perhaps.  All of which is fine--I certainly take no issue with Willow's frequently self-entertaining ways.  The problem only seems to arise when she encounters other children who don't feel exactly the same way.

Cousin Francie is a social little being, and wants to laugh and giggle and play...and Willow doesn't quite know what to do with that yet.  We went to visit over Memorial Day Weekend, and Willow was excited to see Francie, and Francie was excited to see Willow, but expectations are never quite met, are they?

Francie wanted Willow to run and scream.  Willow wanted Francie to sit still and ride tricycles with her.  Willow wanted to practice her newfound sharing skills by giving Francie some snacks.  Francie wanted Willow to get that yucky stuff out of her face.  Francie wanted Willow to explain her emotional reactions (a common question: "Why you crying, Willow?  Why she crying?")  Willow wanted Francie to get out of her crying face.

 'Tis a tricky business.  Luckily, we all mostly ignored them and paid attention to Baby Charlie instead.

That's me instructing Charlie not to let anybody else hold him.  Ever.

And indeed, it's not that fun wasn't had.  We worked in the garden with NamaMimi.

We slipped and slid our knees raw.  We swung.

And we rode motorbikes together.  As one should do on Memorial Day weekend.

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Vanessa said...

I love it! My Brennan is a combination of sociable and solitary. I find he likes men a lot more than women, and will cling to a random guy we meet... This, of course, makes me feel slightly awkward... As if I am starving my poor son of male affection. When, in fact, my husband and I are happily married and spend tons of time with him!
Thank you for sharing.