Sunday, February 26, 2012


I've been blogless for the past week because we were in Massachusetts skiing (just Dave and RockNoodle) visiting Francie (just me and Willow, mostly) and Francie and Willow's grandmother.  Who is known as NamaMimi, which has to be the longest grandparental nickname ever.  (Originally referred to as "Grandma," mispronounced by first grandchild Toaster as "Nama," which was waaay too confusing for Francie who had a "Nana," so she--out of nowhere, I guess--chose "Mimi," and the multiple names were waaaaay too confusing for Willow, who settled on "NamaMimi.")

The sharing was markedly improved, as despite numerous napless days, there was basically no hitting and almost no yelling, and even some sharing that wasn't required (Willow tried to forcefeed some of her apple to Francie).  And they seemed to have a very good time together--though nobody had as good a time as me and Francie.  She's my new best friend.  Well, she's probably forgotten about me now, but for a while there I was top dog, man!  I even beat out NamaMimi! 

Amusingly, Willow was totally cool with me spending so much time with Francie--I could carry Francie, hug Francie, play with Francie, and Willow would hang with us--or not.  But the one time I tried to hold Baby Charlie, I was instantly assaulted with a toddler demanding that I "Put Charlie down now.  Pick me up."  Yep.  She knows where the danger is.

I have, alas, no photos for you, as I was a) trying to enjoy the moment, and b) kinda busy.  (Mostly b).  But you should be thankful I wasn't heavily into documenting, because poor Willow, who complained of a tummy-ache before we got in the car to head home (and I took it seriously, mind you, because she never complains about this stuff) vomited all over herself on the drive home.  There aren't enough wipes in the world.

It was her first, and really could not have come at a worse moment.  She was, on the whole, really very good about it--she suffered through it, and never panicked, though she did ask me several times to clean it off.  And the rest of us suffered through it too, and never panicked, and just rolled the windows down and were thankful it was such a balmy day.  And showered her off and washed everything and Febrezed like crazy as soon as we got home.

So...another milestone.  Yay?


Laura said...

Oh man. I would have panicked. I would have sold the car. So sorry! How is she feeling now?

Kelly said...

Oh, man! At least you got the first one over with. :) My two-year old had his first virus before he turned one!

Nikki Van De Car said...

Well, no food has come back up, but very little has gone down, either. And sleep is in short supply too--this morning she woke up at 5:30. We tried to get her back to sleep, of course, but every time she would start to nod off she would lurch awake saying "No! No sleeping!"

So...we're not each other's best friends right now.