Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whew! Hawaii, Part 1

Day 1:

There was some exhaustion due to being such an amazingly-behaved baby on the airplane and then waking up at 1:30 in the morning.  Best just to bypass this day.

Day 2:

Auntie Hannah arrived and introduced such fun activities as sticking one's butt up in the air.  Significant improvement.

Day 3:

We went to the beach.  And all was finally right with the world.  (Didn't stop her from waking up at 3:30 in the morning, mind you.)

Day 4:

We hung about in Volcano.  We took Willow to see this thing she's been obsessing about, but she totally didn't care.  Big puff of steam = big whoop.   

We thought it was pretty though.  Though perhaps not quite so pretty as the tall eucalpytus trees at Namakani Pa'io.  And anyway, learning cool Matrix moves beats a little steam any day.

Day 5:

Thanksgiving.  Being burdened by a toddler, Dave and I didn't do much work on the turkey (I did make pies, though.  Please remember that, Mom.)  We did find time to go play volleyball while said toddler was napping.  

But then that toddler woke up, and ruined everything by refusing to play football with us, and then getting hysterical when her daddy fell down because he was taking it all a leetle too seriously.

But she rallied for the evening festivities, though she took not a single bite of her dinner and subsisted solely on pumpkin pie because she's crazy and doesn't know what she's missing.

There was dancing, general frivolity, and an interminable Trivial Pursuit game that I think might still be being played somewhere.

And then....Dave and I left.  Abandoning Willow to the mercies of these crazy people.

More to come....

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AKC said...

Did you by any chance make the dress Willow is wearing? Because it is beautiful!