Saturday, May 28, 2011

What We Do During Naptime

While Willow sleeps, the rest of us are at loose ends, stuck in the house and unable to go to the park, sing at the top of our collective lungs, or do any of the fun things that nine-year-olds (almost ten-year-olds!) like to do.

Except: sometimes we make mice.

Meet George.  RockNoodle designed him, and together she and I gave him life.  Among his favorite things about his newfound existence, he would like to share with you his love for double-cream brie.  RockNoodle shares his love, and would like to go eat some brie as soon as we're done typing this.

George is also quite fond of tormenting Maud, and crawling all over her with his legless body while she's trying to sleep, thank you.  Sheesh, George.

Last but not least, George is a music lover, and serenaded us all (quietly, for Willow is sleeping, and using his tail since he is as aforementioned without legs).

Hello, George.  Welcome to the world, and the family.

We're off to eat brie now.


Laura said...

LOVE this pots. :)

Laura said...

POST. Duh!