Monday, March 21, 2011

Blended Families

This post is written by request of Toaster and RockNoodle.

I took Willow to her 15-month checkup last week, and we saw a doctor we hadn't seen before.  But this doctor had been part of the practice for a long time, and recognized Willow's last name (Toaster & RockNoodle are also patients there).

This doctor (who was very, very nice, mind you) had a little bit of trouble figuring out Willow's relationship to Toaster and RockNoodle...

Doctor: "Who is this?  I thought I was seeing Toaster or RockNoodle!"
Me:  "Yes, this is Willow, she's Toaster and RockNoodle's sister."
Doctor: "Such a cute little boy!"
Me: "Uh, girl, actually."
Doctor: "Oh, right.  Well, let's see how she's doing."
(Goes about usual business of checkup, including investigating all Willow's girl parts.)
Doctor: "It must be so nice for Willow to have such great cousins..."
Me: "Siblings."
Doctor: "Right!  Siblings!  Now, I don't mean to pry, but what exactly is the familial relationship..."
Me: "Toaster and RockNoodle have their mom, I'm sure you've met her a bunch of times, and then there's Dave, who is Toaster, RockNoodle, and Willow's father, and then I'm Willow's mother."
Doctor: "Ahhh, I see...Well, he's a very healthy little baby boy."
Me: "Girl."

I emphasize again, very very nice.  But just could not for the life of her get her head around the blending of families, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but ours is not that unusual a set-up, is it?  Toaster and RockNoodle were howling over this, and insisted I tell the blog all about it.

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