Friday, February 18, 2011

Yeah, Well

Pleased as punch though I am about this walking business, it has unanticipated consequences, and I am TOTALLY NOT DOWN WITH THOSE.

I was prepared for the chasing after baby, I was prepared for the bumps and bruises.  I was prepared to need to finally put a baby gate at the top of our stairs (I know, terrible that we haven't before now, but I really am very good about the chasing). 

I was NOT prepared for Willow to be so excited about her newfound abilities that she decided that she was such a big girl, she no longer needs to nap!


Somebody give her a good talking to, please, and inform her that while yes, she is a big girl and yes, we're all so proud of her, she will fall less often if she is well-rested, and her mommy will be much more fun to be around if she has a minimum of 1.25 hours to herself a day. 

Thank you.


Izzy said...

Oh my! No naps! That sounds like torture! It's shattering chasing around after them all day, especially now their walking and able to get into all those little corners! I live for those little breaks! Here's hoping for your both your sakes that she realises she needs her sleep again soon!

love2stitch said...

At 40 she will happily go back to wanting naps ... sending my daily "I wish I could nap dreams" over to little willow... maybe it helps.
PS: Have you secured the little higher up stuff on shelfs and cupboards... friends were visiting me and I totally underestimated the height that walking upright added to their little one and in consequence her reach up my shelves...

Lainey said...

Oh My Gosh! Destiny is 2 and still needs her naps- if she doesn't, she doesn't sleep well at night at all. I would've thought by now she didn't need them and would sleep better, but no. I'm sorry!! Good luck!

Laura said...

I freaked out when P gave up naps, so I turned 3-5 pm into Quiet Time. She stays in her room and leaves me alone. In theory. I've found she needs the down time and I REALLY need it. She still has it to this day, after her after-school snack and before dinner.