Monday, November 15, 2010

Smelling The Baby

A while ago, I wrote an ode to Willow's smell.  That smell is gone. 

Most of the time, honestly, she kind of stinks.  It's not like whoa, keep that baby away, but it's not exactly fresh like springtime either.  She drinks a cup of cow's milk every day now, and it dribbles down her chin and onto her neck and she resists being wiped off and well, I figure this is normal, and just pretty much how babies are.  She smells good immediately after her bath and that's about it. 

But I still love smelling her breath.  She yawns, and I stick my face right up next to hers in what is probably a really invasive and annoying move but I can't help myself.  Is this also normal? 

She's sitting behind me trying to open U2's October and ack! crawling over to the bookshelves which are glass so now she's on my lap trying to write her own blog, and it's her 11-month birthday tomorrow, and she's just not a little baby anymore.

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