Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome to Fall

Child of mine who loves playing with leaves--now there are leaves everywhere!  And in many different colors! 

Seriously, we go to the playground, and forget the swings, the slides, the choo-choo train--all this child wants to do is sit on the ground and grab the leaves.  Nothing in the world could be more fun.  On a particularly blustery day last week, the stroller rolled away from us, and I left Willow sitting under a swing (the playground was empty, no one else being stupid enough to take their child out on such a day) to go fetch the runaway stroller.  I looked back at her tiny self, playing contentedly in the huge windy world, looking like a little mushroom in a world of tall trees.  She seems so big to me, growing as fast as she is, but sometimes I get a look from farther away and I realize what a baby she is still.

The other good thing about Fall: there are pumpkins.


Vicki Suan said...

Love Willow's hair! BTW, Emily and I have been checking out the Mum-Mum's at the grocery store. Wonder what it tastes like??

Laura said...

Kid.... Cute.
Smiling kid.... Cuter.
Smiling kid + pumpkin... Get out of town. That's adorable!