Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Stuff I'm Doing

Guest-posted by Willow.

I threatened to run away from home (you know, as soon as I can walk, but barring that I bet I could hitch a ride from just about anybody, cause I'm just that cute) if Mom & Dad didn't get me Francie's exersaucer, and check it out!  My plan totally worked!  They got it used, so it's missing the triangle thingies, but I don't care.  Check out my wicked awesome page-turning skills (Boston slang picked up from Francie.  Just a shout-out, since she introduced me to the thing and all).

I'm eating food.  And I'm really into it for about ten minutes, although I'm easily distracted by my bib--it's fun to chew on!--and then I'm done and I shall eat no more.  My mom keeps mixing me bowls that are waaaaay too big, but she's optimistic like that.

After dinner I take a quick bath in the sink, which is totally fun and everybody should do it if they could fit.  Bonus: you get to chew on the washcloth.  There is nothing as fun as chewing on a washcloth.

Well, except maybe for one thing.  Only I didn't know it when this picture was taken, since this is a "before" picture, and mom just took it because she thought I looked cute in my swimsuit.  I thought I looked like a watermelon.

But the thing that came after?  That thing is the most fun thing ever.  And I mean it this time.

It's swimming.  I went swimming.  I was the youngest kid there, but I was the only one who didn't spend the entire class screaming--I loved it.  I kicked my legs and I windmilled my arms (kind of) and I backfloated and I put my face in the water and I didn't drown or cry or anything--and this was all on the first day!  By next week I'll be doing backflips and handstands.

I also bite my mom's collarbone really hard because she makes a funny noise when I do it, and I can get both my feet in my mouth at the same time. 
Life is good.


Laura said...

Awwww! There is so much cuteness there I can't even stand it! Sooooo adorable! Exersaucers are the bomb. Jay didn't see the point in one, but he changed his mind almost immediately when he saw Parker in it. And that is a super mega exciting one. Lucky kiddo.

juicyknits said...

Cute cute cute. I love the watermelon swimsuit and would get myself one as well except that wouldn't be thought of as cute as on you, little one. More likely I'd be called a weirdo.
Have fun swimming!