Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mouth-Raping (A Friday Night Lights Rant)

What?  I'm sorry, what?  Everybody's been in that awkward whoa-I-tried-to-kiss-you-and-you-didn't-want-me-to-dear-God-please-make-this-not-have-happened.  And yes, you feel really bad about it.  But more because it's embarrassing, not because it's "raping with your mouth."  What?  First of all, that's such a Buffy-type line, and feels really out of place on Friday Night Lights, and second of all, Glenn is how old?  And he's not at least somewhat used to this experience by now?  Is Tami the only woman he's ever kissed?  And while Dave applauded Tami for going up to Glenn and letting him know as nicely as possible that it should damn well never happen again, I thought she'd kind of covered it with the very firm "No.  Oh, No.  I'm leaving now." the night before, and reiterating it was not only unnecessary, but needlessly cruel.  Which is unlike her.

And speaking of needlessly cruel, Matt never called Julie?  Suck it up, dude.  Yeah, that's a hard phone call to make but Suck It Up.  Is unlike him.

In fact, the only person who stayed true to character was Tim Riggins, who beat up somebody because he has his own issues and can't stay out of other people's.  I liked Becky more in this episode than I ever have, not because she was being any less whiny than usual, but because of one moment: she showed up at the Riggins Strip Party, and was her normal rape-you-with-my-mouth self (and Glenn, please note: even Becky is mature enough to recover from somebody saying "This can't happen" without weird self-abasement), and Tim started in on her, telling her about her father's baby, and that he doesn't care about her and never will.  And Becky said "Can we please talk about this at home?"  Tears, justified tears in her eyes, and she doesn't yell at him for telling her what she doesn't want to hear, she doesn't refuse to listen, she just asks him to please tell her this when she isn't surrounded by a bunch of drunk strangers and altruistic strippers.

And Tim's going to...buy a farm?  He can get Luke Cafferty--whom he likes, as I recall, and hey, whatever happened to Riggins working with the Lions?--to come help him, since he obviously won't be working with the Lions anytime soon, either.

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