Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, of course, I jinxed it when I wrote about sleep.  Shocker.

We had a couple of bad nights in a row immediately after that, and I have just been exhausted.  Yesterday morning, as Dave left and I considered another day alone with a baby whose favorite activity besides eating and sleeping is crying...I wasn't really looking forward to the day.  Which was a first for me.

But Willow seemed to sense what was going on--and she slept.  She slept from 10 am to 2 pm.  And I took full advantage of that time.  (Well, not full advantage.  I can't seem to manage the sleep when she sleeps thing.  It's daytime.  Daytime is for wakefulness).  I watched episodes of Grey's Anatomy on the internet (episodes which only sort of made sense, since I'd only seen up to Season 3, and Netflix had only Season 5 available.  I don't think much happened in Season 4 though, since everybody seemed to be basically the same, only I got to skip George and Izzy).  I didn't do dishes, I didn't write thank you cards, I didn't read, or write, or anything.  I watched internet television.

Come 2:00, when she finally woke up, I took her to change her diaper before feeding her.  And it was one of those changes.  The kind where you take off the diaper, put a fresh one under her, and she pees on it.  You clean her off, take that one away, put a fresh one under her, and she poops on it.  You clean her off, take that one away, and she projectile poops EVERYWHERE before you even have a chance to put a diaper under her.  As you try to clean up the poop, calm the shrieking baby, and diaper the shrieking baby before more poop goes all over the place all at the same time, you think your four hours of rest have just gone right out the window, and you're back to where you were, wondering how one gets through this.  You finally get the poop clean and the baby diapered, and you decide to just go feed her before changing her soaking wet clothes because the shrieking, it has to stop.  And so you pick her up.

And she immediately stops crying.  She looks up at you, and coos, and makes a little face at you, and even though she's very hungry, and wet, and righteously annoyed, she just wants to hang out a little, and say hi, and enjoy each other's company.  And you're hit with an overwhelming sense of love, warmth, and friendliness, and you remember just what it is you're doing here, and that really, there's nothing to get through. 

And then she remembers that she's hungry, and you go feed her.


Vicki Suan said...

ahhh, you bring back memories. She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

She's so cute...just love the eyes she has....she got smily eyes and she can just melt your heart!!

Anonymous said...

I can't help repeating myself. She looks just like you!!! What a precious gift you have.

Auntie Annie