Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Meet The Fam

Here's why I haven't posted in a while: my mother, father, and two sisters are here visiting (well, the sisters have departed (sniff!)).

They are all being extraordinarily helpful, in that neither Dave nor I have touched a dish in a week,  and my mom and Dad and sister have undertaken the Herculean task of watching the baby so we can sleep.  9:30--Dave and I go to bed.  They all stay up and watch movies and wake me for feedings.

It's crazytown, and it's awesome.

Similarly eager to help and take advantage of baby-holding time are Toaster and Rocknoodle:

Rocknoodle, unfortunately, got a cold on Willow's first day home from the hospital, and so life has been somewhat tragic.  But she is finally better, and finally back to holding the baby.  And does it much less awkwardly now than in this photo.

Toaster, on the other hand, is completely at ease with her, and probably could be much more helpful than I'm allowing him to be.  He's all "I can do diapers!  I can walk her around!  I can help with the nighttime watching!"  And the thing is, he's probably right (except for the nighttime watching) but I just can't possibly manage that, because I'm nervous, and can barely manage letting Dave hold the baby.

I'm sure we're being completely and utterly spoiled--the "we" very definitely including Willow--and all earthly hell will break loose when Dave goes back to work and my mom goes home.  But in the meantime, I'll take the sleep, thank you. 

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