Monday, August 31, 2009

Vintage Badass Fairy Cardigan

Is all finished!

Kristen Rengren's Louise Cardigan, from Vintage Baby Knits, in Aurora Acquerello with Size 3 needles.

And oh my, is it wee.

I figure this is hardly the last thing I'll be knitting for my little niece-to-be, so it's okay that I've made her something that will fit her for only the first two or so months of her life.

I have plenty of yarn leftover, so I'll make booties to match. And still have plenty of yarn leftover. It looks completely different from the original knit in a variegated yarn like this, but I think the colors (which are a bit warmer than in the photos) work well with all that textural work, and the picot collar is very sweet and pointy (and never as much of an obstacle as I think it's going to be. Must get over my fear of sewing down hems).

It's a very good pattern indeed. I had some head-scratching moments, up until I just did exactly what Ms. Rengren had written down...and lo and behold, the instructions worked perfectly. Funny, that.


Linda said...

Sooo pretty!

kate said...

I love it!

(typed by your bad ass fairy niece to be, with help from her incubator)

Jodi Meadows said...

That turned out so cute!

duBedåre said...