Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Fun Thing: Nosebleeds!

Yesterday, I got a nosebleed at breakfast. I got another one as I was walking to work (nothing like clutching a bloody tissue up your nostril while hurrying down the street). I got another one last night, and another one this morning.

And this is perfectly normal. Apparently. The day I got my first nosebleed, I got an email from babycenter (I signed up for a ridiculous number of daily baby-progress emails) explaining to me that my blood vessels have expanded (that 40% extra blood would tend the puff them out a bit, I guess), and they are very, very delicate.

So yeah. I'm totally textbook. Babycenter sends the email, I get the nosebleed. Right on target. (Weight, in case you were wondering, is also thankfully right on target as well--I got weighed yesterday, and have put on four pounds in four weeks. I have set myself to stop worrying about it. Which I'm sure I'll totally manage to do).

On the other hand, I read that the running-to-the-bathroom-every-hour-on-the-hour thing was supposed to have eased off by now. Something about the uterus moving up and off of the bladder?

Hello? Uterus? This ring a bell at all? Because this whole go to the bathroom, sit down/go outside/do anything at all whatsoever, followed by immediately having to go to the bathroom even though it's only been ten minutes and I haven't even consumed any water much less had time to process it? Yeah, that's not working for me at all.

Scoot on up off of that bladder there, chica. I have things to do.

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Laura said...

Try to enjoy peeing at your leisure. That becomes a lot more difficult after the baby arrives. Hang in there, kiddo.