Monday, February 9, 2009


You know when good things happen, but then they really turn out to be Very Bad Things? I'm having a one of those.

I do some knitting for the president of my company--she's a knitter, but a very beginning one (and let's face it, lady, a very lazy one), and she makes afghans for all the new babies in her life, is unhappy with them, brings them to the office and has me sew them up, add a border, give her some encouragement, whatever. Karmically speaking, this is all very good for me, and what's more she gave me a pair of Lantern Moon needles for Christmas.

Hooray! Lantern Moons! I have always coveted Lantern Moons, and since Christmas I've been wracking my brain for a project that requires Size 6 straight needles.

I ended up making one up, and cast on for it this weekend. (Cast on for it several hundred times, actually, since making something up means knitting it again and again). These needles are scrumptious--I'm slower on them than on my usual Addis or Denise needles, but they don't grate like all other wood needles I've used do. Which has always made me very sad, because I happen to really like wood--it glows, it's naturally beautiful, it's definitely way more attractive and feels better on your fingers than metal or plastic. But the thud-thud-scrape of knitting with Clovers or Brittanies makes my skin crawl, which does not feel so good.

Not so Lantern Moons. The lacquer keeps every stitch and rub smooth (although I do worry that it will wear off at some point). I heart them. I want to knit all things with them.

And here is where we get to the good-turning-to-bad thing: yes, I got a great new pair of needles. But in consequence of that happening, I dislike all my other needles. I had all these great, workable needles....but not anymore. Now I have many many crap needles, and one pair of good needles. Badbadbadbad.

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