Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas Knits

So I knit a lot of Christmas gifts this year, and am only now getting photos of them. (That is, I'm only now getting photos of some of them. Others were given and appreciated, but shall live forever unphotographed on and/or with their recipients.)

Firstly, Swell. It fits him great and he loves the hidden peace sign, and given that it's alpaca it's light and warm with only minimal itchiness. I know this because I have borrowed it when he wasn't looking.

Still, it's not as popular a gift as the Potato Chip Scarf, which RockNoodle just adores. She wears it like a small feather boa, wrapped around her neck as many times as she can, and doesn't seem to notice when the lovely but somewhat sheddy Brooks Farm Harmony gets in her mouth.

But my favorite is Cobblestone. Knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca (recognize the leftovers above?), it's my favorite of the sweaters I've knit for Dave. I seem to be improving. (One day I'll go back and try Leo's not the pattern's fault I had absolutely no grasp of the concept of gauge.)

I knit the sleeves back and forth since I hate dpns with all that is in me and didn't have any size 7 circs long enough for magic-looping. I had a weird experience with the short rows in the yoke--knitting one direction, they lay fine, but in the other direction, no matter how I wrapped the stitches, they were always loose and baggy, and I ended up tying them not-so-gracefully. It doesn't show, but I know the knots are there. Not sure why this happened.

Regardless, the sweater looks great on him.

In exchange for all this knitting, I got a knitting room, a swift, a scale, and many many jars for dyeing for Christmas (or they were purchased around Christmas, anyway). Fair trade, eh?

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