Thursday, December 18, 2008


I thinking of changing my name. I'm figuring something along the lines of Tired. That's a little solid-sounding though, with the one syllable. I'm feeling a little shakier than that. Maybe Deplete?

The move went fabulously, amazingly well, but that doesn't make it any less of a move.

We had done as much as we could--all of our boxes were gone, some of our furniture, and everything else was a disassembled as it could be. The movers were impressed, and were further impressed by the piano at the new place. They looked at it, looked at the window it came in on, and didn't understand how the piano was in there. They were also impressed by the new house, and also confused--the place is a warren. With the no hallways, and rooms going in a spiral, there are parts of the house that, though they are next to each other, take about five minutes to walk to. One of the guys asked for some breadcrumbs.

Even with all that, they were done in HALF THE TIME they estimated. Like I said, fabulously, amazingly well.

We were so euphoric that we simply flew over to pick up Maud the kitty and bring her to her new home--flew so fast that we were pulled over and given a speeding ticket (Dave's first). The universe likes things to be balanced.

And then we came back, rather calmer and somewhat diminished, and looked at all those boxes. Goddamnit.

By the end of the very long day (6:30am-10:30pm), we had the kids' rooms mostly set up, our room mostly set up, the kitchen mostly set up, and the kids' living room mostly set up. Everything will be mostly for a while, I fear. But I am not and will not be one of those people who six years later finally finish unpacking. Nope. Can't do it. I'm not sure I can finish before we fly to Hawaii on Tuesday, but by God I will try.

I am somewhat hampered by a few obstacles:

1) My office party. Which was last night. And was complete with a hot dog cart, umbrella included. Inside. Yep, we rented a hot dog cart, and I brought it up in the freight elevator and all I could think as I was moving it down the sidewalk was "I'm pushing a hot dog cart. A genuine dirty water hot dog cart. That's what's happening right now." Why did we have a hot dog cart? Wish I knew.

2) Toaster's play is this weekend. Which is awesome, and he's worked so hard and will be amazing (I know this because I run lines with him), but damn there go five perfectly good unpacking hours.

3) Christmas knitting. In anticipation of moving and time crunch and all that, I started my Christmas knitting in September for crying out loud, and finished by late November (remember the moving, and don't hate me). However, yesterday, of course of course, I got a request for three sets of baby booties. Ordinarily baby booties would pose no problem and of course I'm delighted to do it, but suddenly it seems like the proverbial straw. This back is about to break. I'm going to try and get one bootie done over my lunch hour (which is now), and yes there is the plane ride, but I have Cobblestone to finish then (and aren't I annoyed that I cockily left that lying around unfinished), and have yet to find all my yarn and needles, and there's bloody unpacking to do! And here I am typing a blog when I could be knitting a bootie!

So yeah. It's strange that good things (for they are, all of them, good things--new house, babies to knit for, Christmas parties, plays) can meld together to seem like a bad thing. Some kinda weird chemistry going on there. Perspective, where are you? I seem to have lost you among the boxes.....

UPDATE: 1 bootie down.

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