Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Luna At Last

I've actually worn this dress twice, but for some reason I couldn't get things together for a photo shoot. Dave and I settled on a nearby cemetary:

Interesting choice, I know, for documenting a sexy dress. It is, indeed, shorter than anything else I own, but I'm trying to tell myself that it really isn't that short, and the ribbing clings in such a way that I don't have to worry about flashing anyone. Really.

The modifications are obvious--I changed the neckline. I was worried about running out of yarn--needlessly, as it turns out, but I really like the scoopneck. It is, I think, a bit more comfortable than the cowl/turtleneck would have been.

I also had to lengthen the sleeves--no matter how aggressively I blocked (and this sweater required the use of extreme force) the sleeves would not stay the necessary length. So I added a few more inches to the ribbing with my extra yarn. The places the sleeve pouf more at the elbow than below it, but I've decided I like that--my elbows tend to stretch out my sweaters, and this prevents that.

As it is, I luuurve this dress. I love the color, I love the pattern, I love the yarn (soooo soft), I love that it forced me to buy a belt (looks good without the belt; looks better with one), I can wear it to work (really, I can. This photo is taken from an upskirtish angle), I can wear it out to dinner. I made a dress! Must make another one!

Bit of trivia: I'm actually terrified in this photo. I really like cemetaries, I think they're interesting and beautiful, which is why we went to this one. I don't find them scary. I do, however, find snakes very. scary. We ran into one by a mausoleum--just a little garter snake. Doesn't matter. Snakes slither and frighten me and I scream and panic. I made Dave stomp the grass before I squatted down in this photo, and given the short dress, I had visions of myself a la lewd and disgustingly offensive depictions of Eve. Ewwwww.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice! Ican't believe how skilled you've become! I am so proud. Mom