Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hiking While Knitting

Dave and I absolutely had to get out of town this weekend. The city is feeling incredibly crowded and oppressive to me lately, and we needed some trees and dirt smells and wide open spaces. And quiet.

So we went up to Harriman State Park and tromped around for a few hours. We're always on the lookout for places to hike in the tristate area (closer to the Jersey state area, if possible) and this was the first time we went out there. We were favorably impressed. It was challenging hiking at times; started out steep, very rocky, occasionally slippery, but beautiful and peaceful, once you got away from the road--which takes a while, be patient. We hiked up to the top of....something. It looked like the top of the world:

And since I (and surely you) am getting sick of all my FO pictures being taken in my back yard/on my couch, I brought a few things with for photoing.

There's me getting everything on and ready.

I finished Mom's Fetching--and I didn't wear them on the hike either, Mom, this is strictly for posing purposes. I can attest to their comfort and warmth, though.

So...two Dashings to go. Oh how I hate dpns, but I can't quite bring myself to buy a million sets of circulars flexible enough to magic loop everything.

RockNoodle has been asking for Kim Hargreaves' Flourish, but let's face it: I do not have the requisite crochet skill to keep an even tension. That scarf would be crazy looking. Potato Chip Scarf is close enough:

In Brooks Farm Harmony, using Size 11 needles. It's a little shorter than I'd hoped (impossible to tell what it will be when you're knitting it) so it's definitely too small for me, but I think it'll work for RockNoodle.

And my favorite, knit in one day, and oh so soft and warm and comfy, Dolores Park Cowl, in leftover Malabrigo Worsted. I'd originally intended this for my grandmother, as it's soft and simple, but it's also kind of sleekly cool, and so might be good for my sister. Or, you know, for me, since I love it so.

We'll see. My plan is to knit a few cowls, and then figure out who they're for.

Luna Dress is finished, but deserves its own post--and I didn't wear it hiking or anything, for that would have been kinda nutty, so I have no pictures as yet. Coming soon....

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Stephanie B said...

They all look great! Love the background! What a wonderful way to spend the day.