Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trying to Whimper, Rather than Bang

So, I still have no knitting pictures, because! Last night we came home to yet another people want to look at the house frantic clean clean clean eat dinner clean clean clean discuss house fall down dead. (Somewhere in there right before dying I did actually finally find time to watch Josh and Donna have sex. It was disappointing. It's like she doesn't like him very much, which obviously doesn't work. But then again, I may have built it up too much for myself with the craziness and all).

So this morning, I got groped on the PATH train. A superspecial groping too--not an upskirt (which I have experienced, and nothing will ever be worse than the upskirt) but just so damn assholeish. It's a crowded train, we're at my stop, I'm trying to push my way past people, this guy is in my way, and he raises his hand to my chest level so that, in order to get off the train, I have to shove my breast into his hand. Nice. Asswhipe.


Deep breaths, Nikki. Everything is not terrible. I just want to be out of here and married and at the reception already, and a half a beat after that I want to be on my honeymoon. Last-minute wedding stuff is stressing me out a little, house stuff is stressing me out a lot, work stuff is, at the moment, stressing me out A WHOLE LOT, but it'll all be fine.

The wedding will be fun. It may not go entirely smoothly, but that's part of what will make it--let's face it--my wedding. Couldn't really go any other way.

The house will sell in time for us to buy the new place, or it won't. Either way is fine, really--it's the limbo that's bothering me.

Work will be fine. Today will be over in an hour and a half. I like my job. Really.

And if I can manage to get through the day without killing anybody, I won't have to go to jail. That'll be nice.

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