Thursday, April 3, 2008

Survey Results

Warning: My sense of humor (not to mention grammar) may be a bit off today. I'm high on allergy meds. Less fun than it sounds.

I have thirty and counting responders, and thank you so much to everyone who stopped by. It's been an enormous help, and quite fun!

1. Well, it seems clear that most of you are saner than me, and wouldn't want to knit a dress. Sigh. I'll make one my own self, and wear it over leggings, and feel very superior.

2. People love knitting hats! Hats and booties and dresses and sweet little things!

3. Most everybody wanted to knit mostly simple items, with a complex pattern tossed in occasionally. Makes sense. Overly complicated patterns make me want to stab things, so with crazy hormones tossed in the mix--well, the stabbing may go from wishful thinking to reality.

4. Y'all look good and want to show it! But not have any oversized boobs popping out. I get it.

5. This was by far the most useful question I asked. I have a ton of ideas--christening gowns, longsleeve onesie, nursing coverups, teeny tiny stuff, bigger baby stuff, and cotton. Excellent suggestions all.

6. Most of you are self-absorbed and knit only for yourself and your baby. And rightly so.

7. Most everybody who wrote in nearly swayed me on this cloth diapers issue--my mom did it, it's better for the environment, how bad can it be? (Dave is going to hunt you all down and kill you).

8. I still think a sling is possible. Obviously, tight weave, cotton, and my idea had been to hang it over a chair while wet and weight it down with 10 lbs or so, so as to combat and account for the stretch factor. Thoughts?

9. Comfy and airy. And not hot. We're talking linen, but soft. Hmmm...

10. Sleeping bag for stroller! Bed jacket for hospital! Baby legwarmers! So many things to knit...I have no plans to have a baby for the next year, but I feel like maybe I should get going...

Again, thank you everyone. I'm going to try and track down every sixth responder, but some of you signed in as Anonymous, and that will make it hard. (Anonymouses, if you feel like letting me know who you are, send me an email, and I will know your name to thank you.)

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