Thursday, March 20, 2008

Autumn Leaves

Tis the season to knit baby gifts. All of my friends are either pregnant or have just given birth (and now look immediately fabulous. Well done them). I guess it's something about not wanting to be 9 months heavy/hot in the summer.

Autumn Leaves--for Baby Ella, trying to stick with the Jazz theme here--is my first baby-wear design. My cat's paw is shown for scale, and apparentlythe sweater already fits her perfectly. Or so I'm told. Rebecca owes me both a visit and a picture.

I used a tweedy Scottish wool pulled from the bottom of a sale bin. I couldn't even tell you what it is exactly--just some mysteriously appealing DK weight wool. It was a little scratchy, but the colors were so perfect I was hoping it would be okay--surely Baby Ella would be wearing a onesie or something anyway, right?

As it turned out, however, washing and (minimal) blocking produced the softest, cloudiest, drapiest little sweater dress. I love it, and I am, I'm not embarrassed to say, quite proud of it. I can easily envision it as Spring Leaves or even Summer Petals, given some different color choices.

But then it wouldn't match the theme.

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gin4407 said...

I found the pattern for this darling sweater. Your directions are spot on! I've feared knitting a sweater, but you've made it delightful easy! I began sometime this afternoon and have reached row 26. My beautiful granddaughter will look Devine in this sweater! Thank you!